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Movement And Meaning

The class will be a combination guided improvisation and set movement tasks, lessons will also involve some video presentation, reading and working on a presentation by the end of the semester. Aim of the course is to give an overview of contemporary dance practices and an introduction to movement composition. Practical sessions encourage the students to reflect and explore the possibilities of movement. Emphasis is placed on breath, alignment, joint articulation, and the use of gravity and momentum to facilitate movement. Creative sessions allow students to explore creating short movement sketches which will demand them to think, question and investigate body and its politics. Theory sessions will give students a brief about the history and development of modern and contemporary dance.

Learning Objectives

  1. Introduction to body alignment through somatic movement practices like yoga, tai-chi, and kalaripayat.
  2. Examine the body in place outside of the proscenium while looking at the stage audience perspective, the relationship to the architecture the safety issues in a public space and the act of getting art on to a public space.
  3. Investigate the skills of choreography for a camera.
  4. Create and perform a solo dance piece.


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